Base has painstakingly earned certifications from strict authorities and it exceeds in all fields of garment-manufacturing. Base's large arsenal of awards and certificates, proves its capability in terms of quality, efficiency and satisfaction.

ISO 9001-2000 

Base has been awarded the ISO 9001-2000 for its Quality Management System (QMS). Base has developed a dynamic Management Team, which can sense clients' upcoming needs, depending on the ever-changing fashion-world.Throughout its decade-long operation, BASE has perfected its Quality Management System(QMS).Thus it can assure organized production and on-time delivery.It’s highly experienced Management Team - consisting of local and foreign personnel - carries out all orders in a remarkably organized manner. To implement Total Quality Management (TQM), this team has been structurally re-shuffling various organizational processes.

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard 

Base has been awarded the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard certificate. Thus, Base can assure quality and at the same time, safety in its products. Base only uses non-hazardous, eco-friendly European dyes and chemicals. Base has proved that it can meet human ecological-requirements of the standard recently established for products,with direct contact to skin. Base's QA team extends its operation even into the procurement of raw-materials, in order to ensure complete product-safety.

Sonali Bank's Best Client 

Base has been awarded as the best client of Sonali Bank Limited, the largest commercial bank of Bangladesh. This award was the fruit of Base's punctuality commitment, punctuality and firm grip on business-ethics.BASE understands that in the field of garment-manufacturing, reliable financial assistance is crucial. So, it has developed a strong bond with its financial supporters, and gained their trust and loyalty.

Autish Depankar Gold Medal 2008 

Base's Managing Director, Mr.S.M.Nurul Huda Chowdhury, has been awarded the Autish Depankar Gold Medal 2008, for his commitment to the society and social welfares. This medal was awarded by the Autish Depanker Research Society, and it reflects Base's involvement in all types of corporate social responsibities. 

Mother Teresa Gold Medal 2007 

Mrs.Hasina Chowdhury has been awarded the Mother Teresa Gold Medal 2007, for her involvement and contribution to the Mother Teresa Research Society.


Base's Managing Director, Mr.S.M.Nurul Huda Chowdhury has been ranked as a Commercially Important Person (CIP).The CIP status recognises contributions to industries, manufacturing and production, employment generation and enhancing the economy.This also reflects Base's strict adherence to ethical business practice.