BASE has strategically planned in improving and developing the manufacturing process, by importing state of the art machinery  from well renowned manufacturers to provide its customers superior quality at fair prices. We undertake a customer-oriented  approach from all levels and consider them as our long-term partners to understand the minute requirements of our customers and aid them with new products regularly, apart from timely delivery, quality and service to give them the edge to win. We ensure in all levels to make our customers win because we know unless our customers win, we cannot win. This win-win formula & partnership approach has been our sustainable competitiveadvantage.

Industrious Workforce

Our core strength of planned infrastructure is reinforced by 3500 employees who form the backbone of the company. Employees are trained with team culture by an in-house management consultant. Departments are headed by qualified and experienced managers assisted by executives who undergo continuous training, attend development workshops and are exposed to the new developments in the industry.

Highly Qualified Marketing-Team

Base experienced marketing team, assures quality, along with short lead-time.Base is the proud holder of both ISO 9001-2000 and Oeko-Tex 100 standard certificates.It is renouned as an eco-friendly organization as, it only makes use of environmentally-friendly, superior European dyes and chemicals.Base abides with international codes of conduct and exceeds local legislations to meet ILO in terms of employment practice. 

Quality Management System

Base believes that great leaders make great teams. Hence, Base has developed a dynamic Management Team, which can sense clients' upcoming needs, depending on the ever-changing fashion-world. Throughout its decade-long operation, BASE has perfected its Quality Management System(QMS). BASE has been awarded the ISO 9001-2000 certificate, for its QMS. Thus it can assure organized production and on-time delivery.It’s highly experienced Management Team - consisting of local and foreign personnel - carries out all orders in a remarkably organized manner. To implement Total Quality Management (TQM), this team has been structurally re-shuffling various organizational processes. 

Quality Assurance

Base's experienced Quality Assurance (QA) team works scrupulously, to ensure flawless production. The QA team extends its operation even into the procurement of raw-materials and machinery.BASE has continuously restructured this system, and it now features a unique capability in terms of industry-low rework and repair rate. It has acquired the latest Quality-Control equipment, and developed quality-consciousness among the workforce. Due to its firm grip on quality regulations, BASE can meet the best AQL requirements of clients. At BASE, client satisfaction is also company-satisfaction.


We are aware that lower production costs, along with quality assurance, will keep our trading partners and consumers happier and willing to continue dealing with us. Base is known for quality at reasonable prices. 


We take the greatest care to maintain and protect our clients' trust, and confidence in us. Moreover, we prohibit employees from disclosing confidential or proprietary information outside the company that could be harmful or detrimental to our clients, or to the company itself. Such information may only be shared with our employees on a need-to-know basis. Strict sanctions are applied to any employee breeching these rules.


Base strictly adheres to business ethics and discourages any misconducts. We have a commitment to provide our employees with fair and safe working conditions. We respect the balance between home life and work and have set up welfare facilities, such as: medical-care, day-care, transportation and financial-assistance for our employees. Concern for the well being of our employees is fundamental to our business along with respect for their basic human rights. We arrange regular training, at every level, in order to stimulate teamwork and the sharing of responsibilities. In line with the International Labour Organization (ILO) we will not tolerate, or allow child labour, forced labour, racism, exploitation, discrimination and harassment of workers.


Base understands that, in modern-fashion industry, brief lead-time plays a vital role in client-management. So, Base has situated itself in the industrial-area of Chittagong, a port-city and the business-capital of Bangladesh. Presence of the river-way and the largest port of Bangladesh near Base,facilitates quick sourcing . Base's location in a highly concentrated industrial-area, causes increased levels of competition, motivating Base to work more efficiently. Base's Marketing-Office is situated in Gulshan, the business-zone of the capital city, Dhaka. With a dynamic management team, and dexterous R&D team, Base's Marketing-Office handles all orders, in a highly organized and confident manner. Base has a merchandizing team in both Dhaka and Chittagong,in order to assure smooth production and on-time delivery. Base's Dhaka-office in Gulshan, is near some of Dhaka's latest 5-star hotels. So, its foreign clients can enjoy the benefits of business with Base, as well as, the comforts of Dhaka's best hotels.     

Wide Range of Products and Fabric

Over the years, BASE has manufactured a wide variety of basic products, such as: polo-shirt, sweat-shirt, ladies & kids-wear, etc. Currently, it has evolved to the level of manufacturing specialized knitwear-products, by keeping the track of the latest market-trends. BASE has crossed the border of using only ordinary yarns, such as: Cotton, Polyester, CVC, PC, etc. and it can now make use of Organic, Rayon, Modal, Pima and Fairtrade yarns. BASE manufactures technical fabric, such as: Viscose, Coolmax and Suplex, using cutting-edge technology. BASE’s vast infrastructure allows manufacturing almost every knitwear product for men, women and kids. It specializes in value-added products, such as: Peach-Finished, Pigment-Piece-Dyed, Heavy Enzyme-Washed, Bamboo-Charcoal and Eco-Friendly products. It is currently concentrating on Knit-Denim products, which is soon expected to gain massive popularity in the global fashion-market.

Awards and Certificates

BASE has been awarded the ISO 9001-2000 certificate for its QMS,as well as the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard certificate. Thus Base ensures, Total Quality Management as well as usage of only safe dyes and chemicals. It has also been awarded with standard Buyer's Certificates and has been chosen among the Top 20 clients of Sonali Bank Limited, Bangladesh's largest commercial bank.Base follows Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), as it is capable of dealing with eco-friendly products, such as Organic and Fair-Trade products.It has initiated the process for certification from strict labour-benchmarks WRAP and SA8000. >>(linked to recognition) 

Social Responsibility

BASE aims to do good to consumers as well as the society.So, it practices and encourages social welfares. At BASE, Social-Responsibility has grown from a duty to a habit, and not just an occassional act. It has always been investing in developing the community.BASE's vision is to create opportunities for people to fulfill their personal promise. In underserved communities worldwide, BASE wants to help people change the course of their lives and take personal ownership of their future and their potential.BASE business operations rely on our planet’s natural resources. BASE believes that its success should not come at the expense of the environment, so it strives to operate in a way that is mindful of long-term environmental sustainability.


BASE has always been pushing the limits of its capacity, and can now handle volume orders with ease. As a composite manufacturer, BASE advanced from knitting, dyeing and finishing to garment-manufacturing at a massive scale. BASE's Fabric unit, powered by superior European machineries, is capable of producing 16 tons of fabric per day. BASE has been increasing its manufacturing-capacity over the years, to convey volume orders of clients, in a shorter lead-time. It can successfully produce 1 million pieces of garment per month. In 2008 alone, BASE exported 11 million pieces of garment which is expected to reach 15 million pieces in 2010.

Design development

BASE can comprehend the swinging-pendulum of the fashion world and can therefore adapt to the taste of trendy consumers. This keeps BASE one step ahead of other textile-manufacturers.
It has restructured its Sample-Division into a Design & Development unit. This fully-fledged section, headed by a foreign expert, prepares its own seasonal collection according to the latest market-trends.
BASE’s insightful R&D team is always on the lookout for new types of fabrics and products. This helps the Design and Development team and results in better client-management.

Backward Linkage

As a composite textile industry, BASE has its own knitting, dyeing, finishing and garments unit. These divisions – with adequate capacities – work punctually and in accordance, to ensure smooth production.
BASE has developed an IT infrastructure connecting itself with its major suppliers. This facilitates quick sourcing and ‘just-in-time’ inventory management, according to clients’ specification. 
Powered by integrated, European machineries and an industrious workforce of 3500 workers, BASE’s dependable backward linkage is more than capable of handling volume orders in a short lead-time. BASE has also added linkages such as in-house printing and accessories, making BASE a self-sufficient organization.

Financial Partners

BASE understands that in the field of garment-manufacturing, reliable financial assistance is crucial. So, it has developed a strong bond with its financial supporters.
BASE’s financial partners include: the largest nationalized commercial bank in Bangladesh - Sonali Bank Limited; renowned multinational bank - Standard Chartered; and leading private commercial bank - One Bank Limited.
Because of its commitment, punctuality and firm grip on business-ethics, BASE has gained full support and trust from its financial partners. Thus, BASE enjoys a healthy growth and serves its clients with confidence.