Phase 1: Marketing

Base works in a highly organized manner and follows "step-by-step" production. Its insightful R&D team is always studying the hottest fashion trends and is collaborating with its creative Design Development team, to prepare Base's own trendy seasonal-collection. This is one of Base's major marketing-gear, which helps in grabbing the attention of potential clients. Base then works closely with its target customers, and analyse their own collection, before coming to terms with the clients and starting its operation, according to client-specification. 
Base has the manufacturing facilities that can fulfill clients' production needs — and comply with their Code of Vendor Conduct.It works with clients to explain every detail of production, from materials, quantity and price to packaging and delivery. Quality and efficiency are the trademarks at Base and Base is never content until is clients are completely satisfied about every aspect of the final-products.

Phase 2: Design and Merchandising

Being a customer-focused organization, Base gives priority to design, according to client-specification. Base presents its own seasonal collection (prepared by D&D team) and studies the clients' collection. Once concepts have been developed, Base concentrates mainly on merchandising, to turn the samples into value added-products. Our merchants and designers work closely with clients to translate samples, pictures or even sketches into product assortments we believe our customers will want to wear.

Phase 3: Planning and Sourcing

After the design-part of production is settled, Base creates an ellaborate merchandising, sourcing and production plan, before initiating bulk-production.
BASE understands that material-quality is the key to exceptional garments. So, BASE sources its raw materials and accessories only from prominent and globally-recognized suppliers.BASE's judicious procurement team sources the highest quality yarns – consisting of both cotton and polyester – from the best foreign and local sources. It only uses eco-friendly and superior European dyes & chemicals, and to deliver more value to clients and at the same time, maintain environmental protection. BASE procures the finest accessories without compromising lead-time. From yarn to final product, BASE can ensure quality all the way.    
BASE has developed an IT infrastructure connecting itself with its major suppliers. This facilitates quick sourcing and ‘just-in-time’ inventory management, according to clients’ specification. Base follows the method of Critical Path Management (CPM) in planning, leading to organized production and on-time-delivery. 

Phase 4: Production 

As a composite textile industry, BASE has its own knitting, dyeing, finishing and garments unit. These divisions – with adequate capacities – work punctually and in accordance, to ensure smooth production.Powered by integrated, European machineries and an industrious workforce of 3500 workers, BASE’s dependable backward linkage is more than capable of handling volume orders in a short lead-time. BASE has also added linkages such as in-house printing and accessories, making BASE a self-sufficient organization.

Run pilot (trial), we have time study team doing continious time study for each and every operation (operation based)  as per production plan we go for the final production inline QA/ Quality assurance manager declared/offer for final inspection to the 

Phase 5: Shipment

After Final inspection (buyer's inspection) when the goods are vast as per the required AQL our commercial and store department prepare the necessary doc to handover the products to the forwarder 

Phase 6: Review and Analysis

after getting the payment from the customer our internal audit team prepare a closing report of each and every consignment, wher we analyse and review the

production efficiency
quality standard 
raw material quality / analyse our supplier in this phase

all those above reflects in our internal audit, and help us in the next order to improve the quality and services