Bangladesh has grown over the past 30 years into one of the world's largest garment exporters. In fact,more than 10% of the Bangladeshi workforce is involved in the garments-sector. Bangladesh is developing further and will soon emerge as an even more successful apparel-producer.

Bangladesh hosts the highest number of composite textile manufacturers in asia. It also has the highest standards in quality and vertical integration. The apparel industry is highly concentrated, leading to competetiveness among the individual manufacturers. This benefits clients in terms of quality, lead-time and even price.

Garments manufactured in Bangladesh are considered as originating from Bangladesh for General System of Preference (GSP) purposes, irrespective of the country of origin of yarn. Importers from EU, therefore have an advantage in importing sweaters from Bangladesh because of their duty-free access to that region.

Bangladesh is one of the most prolific countries in terms of raw-materials. The local garment-manufacturers can thus manage  just-in-time inventory management, which facilitates quick sourcing and laconic lead-time.

Bangladeshi textile industry is home to a very skilled, motivated and loyal workforce, who understand and respect the clients' requirements and thus, work labouriously, to ensure on-time delivery and client-satisfaction.

The political situation quite stable and this facilitates smooth-production and tension-free business. The port-city of Chittagong ,which is the attire manufacturing hub and business capital of Bangladesh, reflects Bangladeshi texile manufacturers' assurance of brief lead time.

Apart from that Bangladesh is the location of the beautiful beach in Cox's Bazar and the mystical mangrove forests of the Sundarbans. Its is the habitat for some of natures most amazing landscapes and wild-life. Bangladesh is the site for some of the best five-star hotels, assuring the comfort of foreign buyers.

BASE Textiles Limited personally invites all foreign retailers to visit Bangladesh, a country which offers the perfect blend of satisfying business and prestine natural beauty.